Important components of off grid solar panel system for homes

Installing an off-grid solar panel system requires you to understand each of the components' essential functions, including the sungrow battery! Read more here.

Now that you have decided to install an off-grid solar panel system at your home, you must learn about its components. It is essential because you will be cutting-off from the local utility and generating your electricity. So, here is a brief guide to tell you the very basics of the off-grid solar panel system and everything else you need to set it up. 


Running on an off-grid solar panel system needs similar components such as; 

  • Solar Panels
  • DC-AC grid-tied solar inverter
  • Solar cables
  • Mounts
  • Charge Controller
  • Battery Bank
  • A Connected Load

The off-grid solar panel system is slightly complicated than the on-grid system. Other than the mentioned components, some systems might require additional techs such as a backup generator or a backup source of power, a transfer switch, an AC load centre and a DC load centre. 

These names may sound confusing. But to understand how the system works, you must know its functions as well. 

  • Functions 

PV Panel

The PV panels are used to convert solar energy to electricity. Thus, whenever the sunlight falls on these panels, the energy is harnessed in the form of electricity, which feeds the battery. 

Charge Controller

The charger controller performs the function of determining the current to be injected into the batteries for optimum performance. It is an essential component of the whole setup as it protects the battery bank from overcharging and maintaining the working life. 

Battery Bank

The battery bank is useful for times when there is no sunlight. No sunlight means no electricity production, which relates to the necessity of a battery bank. The excess energy during the day is stored in the battery banks and used when required. A cautionary sign here is to install only trusted and reliable batteries such as a sungrow battery because only the best quality can provide you with excellent results. 

DC-AC Inverter

The inverter is used to convert Direct Current to Alternating Current. The conversion is done in real-time as most of the household loads require AC power.

Connected Load

The sole purpose of a load is to ensure that the connection or the electrical circuit is complete so that the electricity can flow through easily. 

Backup Generator

A Backup Generator increases the chances of better electricity flow as then you are not dependent upon solar energy for your power requirements.

Transfer Switch

A transfer switch is the supplement of a backup generator. It is necessary to install the transfer switch because it lets you switch between the two power sources. 

AC Load Center

The AC Load Center help maintain the required AC voltage and current. It is a board with all the necessary switches, fuses and circuit breakers. 

DC Load Center

A DC Load Center is similar to an AC Load Board. It too contains the necessary switches, fuses and circuit breakers to maintain the DC voltage and current. 

Discerning all the necessary off-grid solar panel system component functions, it is clear that things can seriously go off without an expert at the help. Learn about sungrow battery and other elements of importance by contacting a local solar service.