Book A Flight with a voucher on the Spirit Airlines

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Spirit Airlines offers a variety of travel vouchers to its flyers to maintain better management of ticket fares and provide discounts and offers on flight tickets so that passengers can enjoy a premium level of travel experience at an affordable cost. 

Types of Spirit Airlines Travel Vouchers

Spirit Airlines offers a lot of travel vouchers to its flyers including Austin Spiritaneous voucher, Future travel voucher, and Round Trip future travel voucher. Flyers can redeem the earned vouchers for flight and hotel booking, car rentals and travel packages. 

  1. i) Austin Spritianeous Voucher - You can apply for this voucher from the voucher and credits at the time of flight booking for one time within a valid period and you cannot extend the dates of the voucher. 
  2. ii) Future Travel Voucher - If you want to opt for Spirit Airlines book a flight option, go for ‘vouchers and credits’ from the purchase page. You can only apply for a future travel voucher at the time of flight booking for one time. You cannot redeem the voucher in cash and it is non-transferable. It cannot be applied to car rentals, bags, seats,  and tour packages. You must book future travel vouchers within 60 days of the original flight booking on any flights available.

iii) Round Trip Future Travel Voucher - These travel vouchers are applicable for one-time use and are non-transferable. One can use this voucher to book flight tickets and you cannot redeem the voucher for cash and can’t use them for car rentals, vacation packages, bags, and seats. You must book your round trip travel voucher with a time period of 60 days of the original flight booking. You can contact the airline’s flight reservation center to redeem their vouchers.

Steps to book a flight ticket with a Spirit Airlines Voucher

If you have made Spirit airlines reservations and want to know about the flight booking procedure through a voucher, follow the step-by-step guide.

  • Go to the Spirit Airlines site and select your preferred flight.
  • Once you reach the Purchase Page, click on the Redeem a voucher or credit option to redeem your voucher.
  • Now apply the voucher at the time of Spirit airlines reservations online.

Go to the airline’s official site and go to Spirit Airlines Manage Booking option to keep track of your reservation status and upgrade your flight tickets if your travel plans change due to unavoidable circumstances. 

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