Eyelash Extensions and Makeup Products - Things to Know

One beauty trend that will never go out of fashion is the eyelash extension.

Today, more and more women and girls opt for a more permanent solution for enhancing their eyes. Eyelash extensions offer a great solution if you want fabulous, gorgeous-looking eyes without any makeup. However, there will be some family or official events where you need to get ready and put makeup on your eyes. If you’re planning to get eyelash extensions and don’t know how to use makeup products with lash extensions, here is what you should know.

1. Don’t use oil-based makeup products around the eye area
Oil-based makeup products are great if you have dry skin and you want to rub out your makeup easily with a remover. The same oily ingredients can have a drastic effect on your extensions. The oils in the product can dissolve the glue bond between your natural and fake lashes. Your lash extensions will become weak and get removed with your makeup. Use oil-free product for the eye area. Ask your eyelash extension salon expert to suggest to you the best product that is safe for extensions.

2. Do not wear mascara with your lashes
“Do I need to wear mascara with my lashes?” This is the question people often ask when they get eyelash extensions done at a salon. You can get eyelash extensions in Hong Kong (HK) based on your preferences, tastes, eye shape, and natural lashes. You can request volume lashes if your natural lashes support them. Even then you want to apply mascara for any special party, try to look for gentle mascara formulated especially for lash extensions. Again, request your salon expert to suggest a mascara brand perfect for extensions.

3. Avoid using waterproof eyeliners
No doubt eyeliners make your eyes stand out and look beautiful. When you have eyelash extensions and want to wear eyeliner with your false lashes, it can create a problem. Waterproof eyeliner will stick to the lash band of your extensions. Trying to remove the waterproof eyeliner using an oil-based solvent can weaken the bond. You can forgo the waterproof liner altogether.

Having eyes with gorgeous, long, thick eyelashes is completely possible if you know how to maintain them and apply your everyday makeup carefully. Follow the aforementioned makeup application tips if you’re planning to get eyelash extensions at a salon in HK. Avoid using waterproof liners, do not wear mascara and make sure to use oil-free makeup around the eyes to extend the longevity of your fake lashes.