Segways are unique gadget that is utilized for quick and safe development on city streets. This is the most ideal decision for the individuals who worth solace and don't prefer to stall out in rush hour gridlock jams. The Segway is outfitted with an ergonomic footstool, monochrome

Description of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

Giroskuter KSETO MINI - a new electric transport on the Russian Market. These hoverboards are gaining popularity due to their lightweight, ease of operation, and range. This mini segway is easy to take with you on the road, to go to the institute, this is a truly revolutionary solution. Kseto Mini is made of high-quality materials, has two speeds, which is very convenient at rental points, when used in confined spaces and to start learning, this is perhaps the only gyro scooter on the market with a unique and originally thought-out design (the design is patented), the presence of European electronic filling and The battery is made by Samsung, and comes standard with a convenient backpack bag, making it incredibly easy to carry the hoverboard.

MK PRO KAT provided the Kseto Mini 8 "gyro scooter to 3D News for testing, a full review can be found here

KSETO MINI hoverboard delivery set:

The delivery set, in addition to the KSETO MINI gyro scooter itself, includes a charger, a warranty card, a user's manual, rubber bumpers.

Convenient backpack for carrying in every KSETO MINI hoverboard:

Details of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

 The power button is made of high-quality metal, which does not allow it to break or "stick", as well as quickly deteriorate, as on most Chinese gyro scooters. Anti-slip foot mats and their structure do not allow feet to slip. The wheels are made of high-quality rubber, and the clear light indication gives you information about the state of charge of the battery and the hoverboard itself.

KSETO MINI hoverboard protection:

     The Kseto Mini hoverboard has an IP54 protection class, which means that dust and dirt, even if it gets inside the device, should not harm it, the second figure informs us that our hoverboard is protected from drops and splashes of water, but of course, it should not be abused advise. Unlike cheap Chinese counterparts, the charging port is protected by a rubber plug.

Bluetooth speakers of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

     Futuristic LED headlights give you the perfect opportunity to ride your favorite hoverboard not only during the day but also in the evening.

Wheels of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

The wheels of the gyro scooter are made in cast airless tires, with an additional cooling system implemented in the design of the discs, the high profile of the rubber and its quality and softness creates an additional shock-absorbing effect.

Bluetooth speakers of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

Do you like music? Do you like to ride hoverboards? Now you can do two of your favorite things at the same time! After all, Futuristic LED headlights give you a great opportunity to ride your favorite hoverboard not only during the day but also in the evening.

Control of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

Everything is very simple. If you want to go forward, just lean forward, if you want to go backward, lean back. If you want to make a turn, nothing is easier, press one pedal a little harder. The controls are understandable even for a child, children in diapers ride the Kseto Mini.

Anti-slip mats of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

Anti-slip mats made of high-quality rubber and a well-thought-out tread will not allow your feet to slip even if your shoes are wet. 

Shockproof bumpers of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

Rubber bumpers are included to keep your hoverboard looking good. 

Accumulator battery of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

The highest quality batteries from Samsung are installed in your mini segways.

Electronic filing of the KSETO MINI hoverboard:

An imported processor and gyroscope, as well as other technically complex elements, make up the stuffing of your mini segway. 

KSETO MINI hoverboard electronics:

German quality. A lightweight. High power motors, allowing to overcome a high angle of rising, carrying capacity of 120 kg and IP54 moisture protection class. 

KSETO MINI hoverboard electronic systems protection system:

Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The system controls everything and protects the most important nodes. It does not allow your battery to be completely discharged, you can not be afraid to leave your hoverboard on charging at night, the system will automatically determine the full charge and stop loading the battery. Your battery will not overheat from intense stress.