Has Path of Exile surpassed Diablo 3?

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Path of Exile and "Diablo 3" are excellent games and play a big role in the ARPG game genre. In fact, everyone should know that "Diablo" was at the top of the list from the beginning, but as time passed, Path of Exile became a huge competitor. The real question now is, does Path of Exile eventually surpass "Diablo 3"?

Although the differences between the POE Currency two games are slightly different, fans have been asking for a long time, especially considering the fact that you can choose Path of Exile for free, and the "Diablo 3" key will cost you a lot The price, even when using trusted key price comparison sites such as Gamecamp.gg.

Generally, RPG cannot provide a coherent storyline, which may be offensive to players. In addition, some games provide a good storyline, but fail to have a lasting impact on players, preventing them from returning to the story. The developers did an excellent job of linking Diablo 3 with previous game stories, making the event attractive and coherent. However, the "Road of Exile" failed to materialize because it was unable to carry out a coherent battle and was therefore chaotic and difficult to understand. Players struggle to find the main tasks and use detailed guides to find the main story tasks and understand them.

"Diablo 3" can better grasp the outstanding performance of the story, but its activity time is not as long as POE. It takes almost 10 hours to use "Diablo 3", and POE can provide more than 30 hours of game content! Sounds great, right? It did not end there. Blizzard released a lot of new content, but this is just a desperate attempt to keep the game alive. On the other hand, POE will never provide high-quality new content, with new tasks, skills and maps for players to try. However, the best part is that POE makes it easier for players to obtain high-quality armor through the economic system without having to worry about difficult content. So, who would you say is the winner?

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