technical progress in the IT

Ubiquitous digitalization has revolutionized our life and is rapidly altering human society and the very world around us. One of the spheres undergoing the most significant transformations is our language. Just a few years ago, user interface, plugin, AWS, CRM, outsourcing, and other words

But technical progress in the IT realm not only introduced new words into the vocabulary but has changed the meaning of the familiar ones. In the mind of most people of the early second millennium, a platform is hardly associated with railroads, cookies are never kept in a jar, a tool is something more than a hammer, and a cloud is what cannot be seen when you look at the sky above.

An Architect is one of such terms. When we hear that a solution architect and a technical architect were hired by the IT department, we do not imagine a person wearing a hard hat who argues with the construction foreman over a building project. Even if such architects have something to do with sites, the latter are never a place where a building is being erected.
Software architecture is a skeleton of the respective infrastructure whose characteristics ensure flexibility, scalability, and security of the entire system that must function according to business and technical requirements. Like any other system, software architecture presupposes the existence of the elements and the structure that subsumes relations and connections. Thus, an IT or software architect is to translate all necessary characteristics into a solution blueprint shaping its components and defining communication and coordination between them. How do they go about it?

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