AWS security monitoring

Another key aspect of ScienceSoft’s monitoring approach is addressing your AWS system’s security issues. AWS Cloud infrastructure security issues vary from industry to industry but the core principle stays the same. You need to have strong control over access and permissions for your A

CloudWatch offers deep integration with AWS services, it’s flexible, and provides extensive dashboarding functionality. It offers automatically configured monitoring starter packages with metrics that cover the minimum amount of resources needed to track your system’s health. It can also be used to monitor almost any AWS resource if properly configured.

However, customization and configuration of CloudWatch demand high qualification. In order to configure alerts and limit the number of notifications you get to a reasonable minimum, you will require highly technical staff. CloudWatch does not provide any guidance or recommendations to perform these tasks. Another one of its downsides is that it does not provide a single overview dashboard but multiple dashboards are used in combination. Creating additional dashboards increases the costs of your subscription.

Our DevOps experts find that ClowdWatch works well if you have your entire infrastructure on AWS. If you are running under multi-cloud, hybrid architecture, then opting for third-party tools will be a better option.

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