No one ever expects that they'll have problems with the law. In hard times such as these you need someone who you can trust to be on your team. You need someone who will make sure everything is taken care of. LAW FIRM OF RELINDA LOUISY, LL.M. is not that person. She's a fraud


Project Rescue Children – She stole $32,000 of my money. never get my kid home

I hired the Law Firm of Relinda Louisy, because she was recommended.  She said she was experienced but didn’t tell my about going to jail and made life bad for parents.  My son was taken by his mother to the USA.  I needed some help to get my son back. 

I needed to file court papers with the United States Supreme Court, and Relinda Louisy said it was no problem.  She said she could go get my son and bring him back to Germany, since the illegal immigrant, child abducting mother had no custody order.  I felt good that someone can help, but I didn’t expect her scamming me.  I trusted her.  I needed her help.

Mrs. RelindaLouisy said she will file a writ of certiorari with the United States Supreme Court to get my child back, but she made a lot of errors, so the Supreme Court REJECTED her application. Then when I asked her to correct the records she repeatedly refused to fill in the correct wordings for the United States Supreme Court so I could get my son back. 

Don’t trust the Law Firm of Relinda Louisy, or her last scam Project rescue child.  She took $32,000 to get start but then she “resigns” from my case without fixing the errors in the United States Supreme Court documents and she never returned any money either and blocked me.

Make sure to Google Mrs. Relinda Louisy Fraud Warnings and also look her up on so you can see she did many bad things and I dontwant you to be the next victim.

I have no more money.  Mrs. RelindaLouisy took all my money and my son is still illegally in the USA.  Don’t trust this scammer.