Will online education permanently replace traditional education?

Online education causing mental health issues in students.

Ever since the pandemic hit us online education has become a new normal amid quarantine. Students left their dorms and went back to their homes when the lockdown was implemented and had to resume their classes online. Although almost everyone these days have internet connections and the resources available to be a part of the online education system, but there are kids with abusive households which become a huge problem for them mentally. Do we have a solution to that? Are we going to make online education a permanent way of learning?

COVID-19 is imposing both physical and mental among students. Many people are facing anxiety, stress, mild to severe depression and event-specific distress. All these psychological impacts require attention from concerned authorities to cope with this situation mentally. With all this, study stress is on top that causes a lot of stress among the students when they have tight deadlines and tough assignments to do in this environment. Getting help from different writing services might play a better role in this and can reduces stress up to some extent even if it’s a minor assistance of diploma paper writing service.

We don’t know when is this going to end, but with the vaccine being made we can hope for things to go back to normal and traditional way of education being resumed everywhere around the world.