Good Pop Culture, Great Mental Health During Covid

Good Pop Culture, Great Mental Health During Covid

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When we rang in the new year from our respective parts of the world, no one could have predicted that 2020 would bring with it a deadly pandemic, worldwide protests, and more. With all of that came exorbitant amounts of stress for everyone and it’s clear that we’re all struggling to cope in one way or another.

Moderated by Jeff Trexler, Comic Con’s “Crazy” Talk: Mental Health, Pop Culture, and the Pandemic panel boldly addressed this topic among creatives and professionals within the industry who have witnessed and experienced the positive outcomes pop culture can bring to people during stressful times. Panelists shared their experiences as both fans of pop culture and professionals in the industry, what it has been like for them as creators to connect with their supporters, and the power of creative and artistic content.

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