I enjoy terraforming but once it is over and done with and you

I enjoy terraforming but once it is over and done with and you

I will agree though, I enjoy the previous directions of the AC games. Unless you're into terraforming and super decorating, this particular game is Animal Crossing Bells severely lacking in even just matching past games' content. I enjoyed browsing the stores daily... and now there is just two of these to browse each day, one is quite limited (Nook's, 5 things, really?) And another is frustrating (Able's, I actually can't purchase multiple of the identical item type simultaneously?)

I enjoy terraforming but once it is over and done with and you like your layouts... you realize how bare the match is. My only playtime today tends to come from when I've new layout ideas, otherwise it is the occasional jump on, do some errands, browse the shops in 5min, and also be done.

Honest question: what's different for you from the previous ones? I've been playing since the very first AC and I really like new Horizons. I really don't see it so much different from others, the core mechanics are the same. I do agree it isn't a match for everybody though.I love NH and the additions, but there are a ton of lost things from past games. Most notably extra shops/NPCs. And less diverse villager dialogue. Those two classes are where lots of the allure in AC was and got lost. They went all out with this being a decorating match, and while that facet of the sport is excellent, it feels rather barebones if you aren't actively decorating anything today.

I feel the same way. I wish redd would see far more often so it'd give me an incentive to log in and attempt to fill up the back room of this museum.you could always restart from scratch- I think that's a fun way to bring new life into it. I'd never played a match in the franchise before and it helped me have a much better idea of exactly what I wanted from the start

I only wish I could actually get things. I have like 3 pieces of furniture along with 30 recipes half of which I don't have precursors recipes for. I have been stuck using the same furniture for 6 months. I see folks with these wonderful layouts and that I don't get it. How do you get all this? It ends up just being frustrating to play or buy Animal Crossing Items simply dull because I can't really do any layouts.