7 Interesting Facts About Qatar Airways you Need to Know

At whatever point you are looking for ease air tickets then you should be set up to lose each rich thing, for instance, in-flight please Wi-Fi affiliations, etc, you get offered all through your excursion.

Qatar Airways is one of the lavish air carriers in the world that offers you high-end luxury and utmost comfort to the travelers. But before making Qatar Airways Reservations, let’s check out the 7 interesting facts about the airline that you must be aware of. 

  • Qatar was the first airline to operate Airbus A350 fleet

Qatar Airways was the first air carrier in the world that commenced the operation of the Airbus A350 fleet. Airbus A350-900 departed from Doha to Frankfurt on 15 Jan 2015 whose development cost of such aircraft is around 11 billion Euros. 

  • Qatar is the sponsor of the best football team in the world

In 2013, the very famous Spanish football team, La Liga Champion FC Barcelona and Qatar joined hands and the airline became the sponsor of the team. The deal is worth 60 million dollars for each season. 

  • Qatar operates the longest flight in the world

Yet another interesting fact is that Qatar Airways operates the longest flight in the world i.e. from Doha to Auckland. you ‘ll be surprised to know that the distance between Doha and Auckland is around 14,536km and the airline takes 18hours and 30 minutes to reach the destination.

  • Qatar is the first airline to land Airbus A350 in the USA

Qatar Airways embarked a historical flight on 1 January 2016 and landed Airbus A350 aircraft in the USA for the very first time. From then, it has become the first airline to land this aircraft in the USA. 

  • Qatar Airways serves every corner of the world

Travelers can make Qatar Airways Reservations to any corner of the earth as Qatar serves all continents in the world and only a handful of airlines offer such facility to the travelers. Owing to this fact, Hamad International Airport is one of the few airports in the world that operates non-stop flight to all the 6 continents across the globe. 

  • It is the first airline to operate Airbus A380 and Dreamliner

Not just Airbus A350, Qatar Airways is also the first air carrier who operated Airbus A380 and Dreamliner in the world. Qatar believes in offering endless luxury to the travelers and thus, it keeps on adding modern fleet of aircraft to its collection.

  • Qatar Airways is awarded as the best airline in the world

Last but the least interesting fact about this airline is that Qatar is awarded as the best airline in the world in World Airlines Award 2015. It is always famous for offering seamless facilities and world-class services to make every business trip smooth and hassle-free. 

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