Looking for a job in IT?

a study even shows that there are more open positions than professionals willing to occupy the positions.

Information technology comprises many areas. That's why job vacancies are out there in droves: you just need to focus and specialize. As the Olhar Digital staff noted , a study even shows that there are more open positions than professionals willing to occupy the positions.

"Companies are more demanding because, if they are not, they will not be able to have their respective products developed. The requirement is for professionals to update themselves and to keep up with the market", commented to the website Antônio Loureiro, president of the recruitment company Conquest One. "In the past, companies fulfilled their role of helping to develop professionals, paying for courses, etc. They started to abandon this role, train professionals, and charge more for a ready professional".

For this reason, three areas are receiving a great highlight for 2016 : web and mobile development, architecture and development in cloud and Big Data.

Below, find out the salary range of each area in IT.

big data
The demand for database administrators (DBAs) is growing a lot, according to André Ribeiro, Produtive's market manager. Traffic analysts will also find a good number of vacancies in 2016. The salary range of these professionals can vary between R $ 8 thousand and R $ 15 thousand.

Cloud architecture and development
For this area, Ribeiro commented to OD that "companies want professionals not only with technical knowledge, but also with a strategic business vision". The salary of a "junior" professional usually starts at R $ 3 thousand.

Web and mobile development
There is not much to say: internet, apps and ecommerce. The development of applications and websites remains on the rise and is expected to grow even more. New employees in the area should earn from R $ 2,500, according to Catho.

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