Reasons Behind the Increasing Trend of Charter Flights

A complete guide about Reasons Behind the Increasing Trend of Charter Flights in detail. Read this guide to take informed and wise investment decision.

The Aviation industry is one of those sectors that have been greatly affected by the ongoing pandemic. When everyone is concerned about travelling virus-free, flying on commercial planes can be quite risky. As a result, the trend of travelling using charter flights in Dubai has drastically increased over the past couple of months. Despite the high prices, people prefer travelling through charter flights as they consider it more safe and secure.


With this said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people are preferring private flights over commercial ones:


The majority of people who used to travel via business class are now shifting to charter flights. Most people want to avoid waiting in crowded airports where there are fat chances that you may get the virus. Similarly, when you’re travelling through a charter flight you don’t have to be concerned about other passengers as it's usually your family or friends who’ll be travelling with you. So, confusion over mask policies can be completely avoided.


The main reason for the rising popularity of flying on private planes is safety. With the ongoing pandemic, everyone is not only concerned but extra cautious for their safety. To cater to this rising concern, many people are shifting to private flights to travel safely although they’re fairly expensive. There are many incidents on commercial flights when some passengers refuse to wear masks jeopardising the safety of others. However, when you’re flying on a charter flight you can be ensured that everyone’s face is covered.

No Wasting of Time

Even amid the pandemic, when you’re going to travel on a private jet you don’t have to wait for your boarding at a crowded airport. Rather you just have to turn-in in your papers and you’re all set to board your plane. Travelling without wasting your time by standing in long queues for checking is possible if you fly private.

Travel without Restrictions

Because of the current situation globally, travelling on commercial flights comes with additional restrictions. The weight limits for luggage and in-flight food have been restricted a lot. However, when you’re travelling on a charter plane you don’t have to worry about such nominal issues. You have the complete cabin space to yourself, so, you don’t have to worry about your luggage. Even you can still enjoy good quality food during your flight as the private jet providers ensure that all the on-board staff is healthy.

Secure and Private

People who want to keep their private lives private should consider travelling through charter flights. When you are travelling through a charter plane you get to enjoy unmatched privacy. Because of this reason, most of the celebrities, athletes, politicians and other prominent personalities prefer travelling on private jets. Additionally, private jets are secure as well, if you’re planning to travel somewhere with your family nowadays then travelling private is the safest. Because this way, you can at least ensure that no one sick is travelling with you.

So, what are you waiting for, book a private jet, and enjoy safe and secure travel even amid Covid-19?