How To Shop This Black Friday Amid Pandemic

That feeling of getting all your favourite stuff without paying over the odds is definitely what we all long for. Ticking off all the boxes of our shopping list without leaving the comfort zone is a kind of luxury we all deserves. And this is exactly what Black Friday does. Known as one of

To say that 2020 has been a year of uncertainties would be an understatement. Well, the dark clouds of the pandemic are hovering over Black Friday Sales. With coronavirus spreading like there’s no tomorrow – it’s next to impossible that we get to experience in-stores shopping this holiday season. Local businesses and national retailers can’t risk persuading the crowds that generally show up every Black Friday. People would camp outside and wait in line for hours to bag big bargains and special promotions. So, yes holiday shopping is just another thing that has been compromised, all thanks to coronavirus pandemic that has turned everything upside down this year.

However, it’s not all bad news for deal hunters. It’s actually an amazing opportunity for those who couldn’t physically come to stores to get all their favourites. We have covered how different this Black Friday would be and what to expect this shopping holiday season.

Be An Early Bird

The Black Friday sales are already hitting up earlier than the past years, so to be an early bird would help you get whatever you want to buy. Although this year the sales are going to last longer you never know what may last and what may not! So, keep an eye out for all the Black Friday specials! Retailers are doing their best to safely draw in customers during the 2020 holiday shopping season by expanding the length of duration to cash in on online doorbuster deals and offering curbside delivery and pickup. This is your chance to get hold of everything that you could, beat the speed of your internet connection and start buying now!

Latch On Tech Deals

Black Friday is an ideal shopping period if you want to grab discounts on pricey tech and it’s undoubtedly an excellent opportunity to check Christmas gifts off your list while maximizing the savings. TVs and laptops are always trending when holiday sales hit the market, but this year we have also got eyes hooked to iPhone deals. Black Friday electronic deals will seize the deal for you if you want to upgrade any of your devices. It’s a great time to buy a new TV too! You’d be ordering it online; there will be no pushing, throwing or grabbing. Your TV would be delivered to you at your doorstep, phew! At least one thing that we are thankful about this pandemic Black Friday.

Deals Are Here To Stay

We all know, Black Friday deals usually last only for a few days during most years, but 2020 – remember it’s a year full of surprises. In the past we have noted that the event was too chaotic and seemed to encompass the entire month of November, but never has that statement been more accurate than this year. Most of the big brands have already announced their plans to hold three or more events throughout November, rather than having just one or two massive days of discounts around Thanksgiving. Promotions are already up and glaring all the shoppers as they visit their websites.

Don’t Go For Cheap Deals

Yes, nobody wants to forego a cheap deal, but extremely meager prices are unusual. While this Black Friday it is all about online shopping, one must not forget that scamming deals will get us, if we shop without double-checking. For instance, there are plenty of top Black Friday deals available, but you will need to check the speeds and availability in your area. Discounts on phone contracts or TV subscriptions may offer chop-off monthly price, however, check in the small print how long the contract is going to last and whether it's worth the price or any price changes occurs at any point before ordering.

Always Remember What You’re Looking For

While shopping online is a struggle of its kind! It would help if you did not forget what you’re looking for. It’s ubiquitous to get carried away by different ads and pop-ups when shopping online. However, this act of zoning out may cost you a little more than you expect. When shopping online, it is almost certain that the website you are on may crash due to heavy traffic resulting in you losing all your favourite items. So, be very mindful, act fast and avoid all the appealing ads and offers. All Black Friday deals will cost you half of the original price, so be patient and shop smart.

All in all, we agree that this year is full of surprises, some good, some bad. But, it’s up to you how you’re going to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way. You may miss going out on Black Friday however you can still shop for all your favourites online, keeping yourself and loved ones safe!