When Should I Change My Car Tyres?

Tyres are the only force between you and the road. So, when they wear and tear beyond the legal limits, you must replace them with the new ones, whatsoever.

Everything comes with an expiry and your car tyres are no exception. No matter how strong and sturdy your tyres are, using them for a prolonged period of time is bound to damage them to a certain extent. 

Safety is paramount for us and it shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. Buying new tyres for your car can be an expensive affair,  but if you really feel that it’s time for the new ones, you must go for them. Using worn-out tyres for a long time can turn quite catastrophic for you, as you never know what you might get to face on the road as a consequence. So, that’s what we’re going to discuss today. Reading further will give you an insight about when to change your Bridgestone tyres Peterborough or how long can your tyres last on your vehicle. There are various factors which decide this and you’ll get to know them one by one.

For how long can I use my tyres?

Well, there isn’t any concrete and exact date to know this. Many aspects like the condition of the roads and your driving habits work collectively with each other to make you come to this decision. We zeroed in on a few factors that’ll help you decide the fate of your tyres.

The tread of the tyres

The legal limit for the tread is 1.6mm in the UK. If you see the number going anywhere below the legal limit, then it’s time to buy new tyres. Is there a way to check the tread yourself? Well, yes. You can do it by yourself by taking a twenty pence coin and insert it into the grooves of the tyre. If the outer circumference is hidden, that means your tyre is safe to drive. Keep checking the tread from all places depending on the kind of the roads you drive. 

The physical conditions of the roads

The rugged patches on the roads, potholes, kerbs, stones and pebbles that come under the tyres, all decide how long the tyres would last. If your tyres are frequently treading on such rough surfaces, they are bound to lose their durability, earlier than usual. Ideally, your car tyres Peterborough should be checked after five years, as the outer part of the tyre starts losing its robustness. If required, change them. 

Check the years from the date of manufacture

The year of manufacture is marked on the sidewall. Even if your tyres haven’t been used for ten years, you must replace them as that’s the maximum limit prescribed for any tyre. 

The way you treat your tyres

A lot depends on the way you drive your car. Slowing down over the speed breakers and rough roads, not applying brakes at a high speed, cornering your vehicle carefully, all add to the durability of your tyres. Keep checking the tyre pressure and always maintain the optimum level of tyre pressure. Always check the pressure when the tyres are cold and not when you’ve driven them for a certain number of hours. Alignment of the tyres is very important to maintain stability in the vehicle. If you keep the above things in mind, you’re going to increase the life of the Bridgestone tyres Peterborough. 

Climate of a place

The climate of a place has a deep impact on the tyres. Extreme heat and too much exposure to sunlight can cause a surge in the friction between the tyres and the road. This can lead the tyres to wear out faster. Similarly, areas with heavy snowfall are also not good for the tyres. 

Whatever the case, the bottom line is tyres are your assets. You must take care of your tyres if you want them to give you the best results for a long time. 

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