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Vacheron Constantin is a name synonymous with quality, exquisite pieces of art, which also double as wrist watches. Their new line is also, no exception. This new inspiration came from the Barber- Mueller Museum in Geneva, which is home to some of the most beautiful works of primitive art. This all translates into the Vacheron Constantin Masks art collection.

Not only does this collection highlight ancient art from around the world, it throws in a splash of modernization that is seen throughout the watch. The company intends to release a complete collection of 12 unique and stylized masks, over the span of 300 watches total. Once a year, for three years a box set will be released to the public. The set includes four new masks per series, limited to only 25 models.

To integrate these works of art into their watches, Vacheron Constantin has equipped them with an automatic caliber 2460G4 mechanism. What this translates into is the ability to read the time without any clock hands, which is by far more practical and sleek than older models. Gears and wheels allow 4 unique discs or "counters" to keep track of the date, day, hours and of course minutes, which enables the masks to be in the center.

Even the cases that contain these time pieces vary, for example the Alaskan mask case is made from white gold, while the Indonesian mask case is made up of pink gold. As for the Chinese and Congolese masks, their cases are made of yellow and platinum gold, respectively. An eloquent poem of Michael Butor also graces the sapphire dial of each watch, and is unique to each mask. The poem can only be read from a certain angle, due to a technique called vacuum metallization.

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