Well, you might be searching for the best mixer grinder in India so we can help you to find which is best for you under your budget.

Mixer grinder also popularly known as Mixie in Indian houses and it is a very common kitchen appliance that can be found in the Indian kitchen.

Well, we all know, buying the best Mixer grinder in India 2020 can be a very difficult task, especially if you are buying it for the very first time and of course you want the best mixer grinder in India for your Kitchen.

Let’s be honest, there are 100’s of brands out there on Amazon or in the Indian market that claim that they are best, but we all know the truth somewhere.

I will be doing the best Mixer grinder in India review right here. On this page, we will be revealing the best Mixer grinder in India that is available on those online portals, mainly Amazon, as we all trust amazon.

Guide to Buy The Best Mixer Grinder In India 2020

1. Type of Grinder Machine
There are two types of machine, mixer grinder, and juicer mixer grinder machine.

The grinders earlier are only used to grind the species, onions, tomatoes but nowadays, we all want extra, so we want Juicer in our Grinder machine as well, but that depends on your budget and requirement.

2. Safety Features
While buying the best mixer grinder in India, we need to take care of some safety measures. A mixer grinder is used in the kitchen as it helps in enhancing the taste of the vegetables.

  •  Safety Lock: There must be a safety lock on the jar, so that it doesn’t spill the paste from outside the jar as it will be a very difficult task to clean the slab or kitchen platform.
  • Easy to Stand: The jar should be arranged in such a way that it has vacuum footer cups so it can rest on the kitchen slab, otherwise it will spoil on the platform if it doesn’t have vacuum footer cups.

3. Number of Jars Required
The number of jars required is completely dependent on the size of the family. If you have a large or joint family, 3-4 grinder jars will be enough.

But if you have a small family, then 2-3 jars will be enough. Jars are usually used in making chutney, grinding vegetables like onion, tomatoes.

The power of the mixer grinder ranges from 400W to 750W. The hard grinding batter/paste needs 750W and the low grinding batter needs 400W-500W.