MOT Test, What Has Changed?

Please keep in mind that some restrictions have been imposed to stop the spread and deaths related to the new coronavirus, and a certain number of services is now limited.

An MOT test makes sure that your car meets all environmental and road safety standards. Generally, all vehicles and motorcycles that are more than three years old must approve this examination to keep operating their cars. It is a crime to use your vehicle when you have not passed your MOT test and, therefore, do not have a valid certificate.

However, due to various changes to the MOT Birmingham during the Covid 19 lockdown, a few things had to change to adapt to the new reality and continue to be implemented at least momentarily for your safety and that of your passengers. 


Who can bring your car?

Anybody can bring their car for the MOT examination on behalf of the registered keeper, who does not necessarily need to be present. If you feel sick or have had contact with someone infected with Covid-19, please refrain from bringing your vehicle and sending someone else.

At the MOT test centre:

Once you are at the MOT test centre, be sure to adhere to the following:

First, drive to the examination hall, park your vehicle in the lane previously indicated on the booking confirmation. Make sure your car’s motor is precisely at the right temperature before starting the test.

Ensure your car is immaculate, free from unhygienic matter like used tissues, wipes, or gloves, and that the plate number is exact enough.

When presenting your car for the examination, try to come by yourself. Avoid bringing children, pets, or any other person along with you.

You have to leave your car before it goes into the examination hall; the staff will be in charge of taking your vehicle throughout the full MOT test.

Also, note that you will need to stay outside during the test most of the time, which usually takes from two to three hours, and there may not be any shelter or seat available. Consequently, come prepared to avoid being in contact with other customers.

If you cannot exit the car, please contact the test center before your test to implement other types of procedures.

Do not forget to bring your personal hand sanitiser or wipes so you can sanitise and clean all the inner surfaces following the test.

What happens when you are running late for the MOT test?

It is highly recommended to arrive fifteen minutes before your appointment. If you are late, the MOT cannot be applied; you will lose the fee you already paid and will have to come back another time.

What if your car is damaged before the test?

This is quite a common issue. If your car is damaged before your MOT, this will prevent you from approving the examination. Any damage must be reported right away to the MOT manager, who is in charge of inspecting your car. If you already left, the center will arrange another meeting to fix the damages, but your vehicle will not pass the MOT.

Adverse climate conditions

Most MOT test centers are not usually affected by bad climate conditions. However, in extraordinary circumstances, if you cannot go because of the weather, you need to contact the manager before the scheduled appointment. They will reschedule at no extra cost.

If you fail to go…

You will lose your money and will have to reschedule another day and pay the fee again.

You can file an appeal and explain why you were unable to show up. This appeal needs to be made directly to the director of the MOT centre involved.

You can always verify the current status of any car on the official Gov.UK internet site.

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