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Yo this guy did not wish to acknowledge that Microsoft is really the sole reason PSO2 Meseta got localized. He said Sega was hard at work to have it localized by sending multiple polls in the west lmao. If they stated the other business was needed to make them do it, it would still be bad PR because it shows how reluctant they were to perform it. This interview should not exist. Truly shows how uninterested they had been in localization. They compensated for PSO2 but let's be real, if it stayed on the Microsoft shop it would be dead by decades end. They compensated for PSO2 but let's be real, though it remained on the Microsoft shop it'd be dead by decades end. Those who wanted to play the match could have gone through the hassle, and remained with the tweaker.

Every game that's ever been on the MS shop has died. Doesnt seem like it. There are lots (me being one, 2 friends being two more) that still utilize the MS shop version. Mainly due to the sport pass. I didn't say expired immediately, but almost every game on the shop dies within a year. Many good games have had MS strangle them with this particular shop to departure. True, true. But they did wind up putting it at least instead of letting it expire in the MS shop, but this man had no interest In placing out in the west in the first place. Were there other polls elsewhere? Surely none 8 decades back, right? Tho I was certainly there making sound back then when info was being suggested to get a NA release. There is actually some truth to that legend. The SEA version had an English language option added to it at a certain point. However from what I have read it was an absolute travesty (renaming Force into Wizard?!) And that version no longer exists as of just over 3 years back.

NA localization looks like a rush job though. Gods be operative. Apparently they have been interpreted in accordance with regional knowledge/culture, and hence these stupid names. Like come on there is some idiotic script problems in the game here and there but that the Arks-Layer translation is only serviceable, not worthy of being set up on a base within an official translation effort.

Unless they abruptly re-quadrupled their attempts after I stopped playing Ep6, there were holes in the Arks-Layer translation you could push a boat through. Keep in mind that PSO2 Meseta for sale as an addendum to the following points: The lack of flavor text on gear is unsatisfactory but a result of the size of translating such a large volume of articles in such a brief period. TBH, the reduction is a little one given just how much equipment will get cycled into irrelevance. Glitches were abound in the fan translation too, but they got about eight years to continuously get bug reports. How many individuals here actually try sending tickets through the pso2 website instead of meme on reddit? I am pretty sure a support ticket was how the gods be surgical thing was mended.