Wifi Range Extender EX8000 Setup

EX8000 is the most evolved tri-band Wi-Fi extender that contains a submitted 5GHz band with up to 1.7Gbps for loosening up web speed to your contraptions.

EX8000 is the most evolved tri-band Wi-Fi extender that contains a submitted 5GHz band with up to 1.7Gbps for loosening up web speed to your contraptions. It works with any Wi-Fi router. Use the Nighthawk Mesh extender with your present Wi-Fi and make a pivotal whole home Wi-Fi. It accompanies an AC3000 Tri-band Wi-Fi highlight and an ensured FastLane3 advancement that supports your Wi-Fi to the most elevated with accelerate to 3Gbps. From your lawn area to the basement, it takes out Wi-Fi no signal zones and loosen up Wi-Fi range to hard-to-show up at domains of your home. Get a mywifiext Tri-band Wifi Range Extender and lift your Wi-Fi association into each side of your home and use a comparative Wi-Fi name. This Nighthawk Mesh extender improves the Wi-Fi you have and builds it into a whole home mesh network.


Setting Up your Netgear EX8000 is extremely basic. You can simply follow the accompanying advances yet in the event that you are confronting any troubles during the arrangement you can generally call us on our top free number 1-855-394-0444 and we will help you whenever there is a need. You can set up your wifi range extender effectively on mywifiext.net which is a nearby web address.

  • Turn on your extender
  • Spot your extender close to your Wi-Fi router
  • Attach your extender into an electrical outlet
  • Hang tight for the Power LED to light green
  • Open a web program from a PC or wireless and enter net
  • The Netgear establishment help will be seen
  • Pursue the prompts to relate your extender to your present Wi-Fi framework
  • Move your extender to another zone that is somewhere close to your router and the zone with a helpless Wi-Fi signal
  • The zone must be inside the extent of your present WiFi router organize. The Link Status LED makes you pick a spot where the extender-to-router affiliation is ideal
  • In the occasion that you get no affiliation or a helpless affiliation, move the extender closer to your router and endeavor again until the Link Status LED lights white
  • After you find the best place for your extender, interface your client devices to the all-accessible Wi-Fi organize

Best Features

The Netgear EX8000 has brilliant AC3000 WiFi speed for offering up to 3Gbps. It has a Smart Connect, for splendidly picking the ideal Wi-Fi band (5GHz or 2.4GHz) for every contraption. The Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) for simultaneous gushing of data to various devices. It additionally accompanies a Quad-focus Processor for boosting far off and wired execution for better 4K streaming and slack free gaming. A Six (6) High-Performance Antennas for giving ideal execution. Four (4) Gigabit Ethernet Ports for connecting wired contraptions like game consoles, sharp TVs, or sight and sound spilling set-top boxes to your WiFi arrange. ReadyShare USB Port for partner your USB printer to the USB 2.0 port and WiFi Analytics App for Android devices for updating your framework status, signal quality, and channel impedance.

Mywifiext EX8000 Tri-Band Range Extender offers a response for speeding up your wifi signal to some extent. It gives the proportionate super high exchange speed of Netgear's X6S, similarly as other astonishing routers. Without yielding rate, you can loosen up the range to cover all the no wifi zones of your home or office. A lone Nighthawk X6S router has enough range to cover a 2500 square foot home without any problem. Mywifiext.net is the correct site where you can set your wifi and introduce it in no time.

This extender has good innovation, and can cover a comparable range. Nevertheless, using two won't give you 5000 square feet of incorporation. Tri-band Wi-Fi engages the EX8000 to make a FastLane3 boosted relationship with a current Wi-Fi router or modem router. Not in the slightest degree like single or twofold band WiFi range extenders, this association isn't used for some other explanation and thus grows the available web speed improving the overall framework yield to WiFi contraptions that are encountering a weak association.