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Positive Displacement Pumps

A sludge pump is a type of positive displacement pump that is especially built and designed to handle the transfer of sludge or semi-liquids with high solid contents. Due to the nature of applications handled by these pumps, these pumps are built with an extremely robust material so that the abrasive and aggressive nature of the liquids can’t cause any wear and tear to its body. These pumps are used for a number of applications in the municipal sewer department along with mining and steel processing industries among others. The positive displacement pumps function with the help of a chopper impeller, capable of chopping down the solid elements in the sludge, fixed inside a cylindrical cavity. Diaphragm pumps are for applications in all cases where the capacity to transfer thick liquids, containing abrasives or solid bodies in suspension, is required, and a high flow rate where the discharge head is not high.

The dairy effluent pumps require regular maintenance to function properly. Any problem with a septic system is one of the worst crises a home owner can face, especially if you are living on the premises. To keep your septic tank working as efficiently as possible, one of regular works of repair and maintenance you should do is empty the tank of the solids and sludge that accumulate in it over time. At Prime Pump, we supply high-quality dairy effluent pumps to farmers across NZ. We understand how critical the effluent pump is to their day to day operations. We understand the challenges involved as well, including meeting regulations and ensuring the pump we provide is fit for purpose. There is a wide range of dairy effluent pumps on the market. However, we only supply pumps from the world's leading manufacturers to ensure consistent high-quality performance.

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