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Economic type classic I shape baby diaper machine

No.19, Quanyuan Road, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 362261

Basic functions & characters:
1. Stable square steel frame, face plate 20mm, floor plate 18mm, and square steel 120*120mm,100*80mm to strengthen the intension of the frame.
2. Upstroke crushing machine , can crush treated pulp
3. Forming in High-speed machine, and the weight can be adjusted .
4. Pulp is formed evenly so as to be mixed with SAP sufficiently.
5. U-style cover of tissue
6. Equipped with SAP feeder device , increasing the water absorptivity of products
7. Arc-shape out-cutting & the tool post made of steel 45# with the thickness of outside and inside plate 35mm. Pressure can be adjusted by scale watch to easily operate and make the equal pressure of the two sides.
8. Lengthways-fold finished products, & products compacted, pressed and dragged by the cylinder
9. Three-fold unit folds two times to form the three-fold finished products.

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