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Sanitary Napkin Production Line

No.19, Quanyuan Road, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian, China 362261

Semi servo sanitary napkin production line manufacturer in China supplies semi servo fast-easy package sanitary napkin production line, high efficiency.
Main technical parameters
Designed speed: 700pcs/min.
Running speed: 600pcs/min.
Product Size: Single type (product lengh can according to customers' requirement).
Capacity: 140kw 380V, 50 HZ (including glue applicators).
Practical capacit: 200kw Breaker: 400A.
Electricity: 3 phases 4 lines 3x70mm2+1x50mm2+1x25mm2.
The lowest air pressure: ≥0.6mpa, 1.3m3/min.

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Price $300000 (USD)
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