A positive Venus can provide you with the smart honest and decent life with a lot of struggle that cause you to stunning and provides you grandeur and richness in the life; can get you settled from twenty two to twenty four years of age; will provide you with an honest life partner; confidence; good body, a need to measure spiritually, you mechanically attract sensible individuals of the other sex (magnetism). you may be inventive, creative, wealthy, and can have an honest thoughts. If Venus is with Rahu, Mangal/Mars, or Buddh/Mercury, then you may not have the good family life, or never in the least, or could latch on for a short amount, or in recent age; it'll provide you with love repeatedly and lots of friends however beneath the influence of Rahu, you may never get honest love or honest friends otherwise you yourself might not be able to love seriously. If Venus is badly established by Rahu, then your house of residence can have some unhealthy aura/doshas, which can cause some sicknesses or a nasty family life. It's going to conjointly cause you issues in your skin and illness within the reproductive organ. Also, you may begin quarrelling along with your life partner.

For removing effects of malign Venus, Mantra and Stotra associated with Venus are musical. The Japa of those Mantras ought to be started from any weekday of bright ( shukla paksha ). the full variety of Japa for planet Venus are sixteen, however in Kaliyuga, they need to be done four times and so the full variety of Japas ought to be sixty four, when this a Homa ( hearth ritual ) ought to be performed during which the Venus Mantras ought to be recited for 6400 times ( 1/10th of the full variety of Mantras ).

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Person should Worship the goddess Lakshmi to pacify the malign effects of planet Venus. He ought to visit to the goddess Lakshmi ji Temple on each weekday and recite Lakshmi ji’s Chalisa there. Someone may keep fast on Fridays. Someone ought to gift milk, Camphor, Curd and Sugar on each weekday.

Vrat could be a thanks to devote yourself absolutely to the almighty. It purifies you internally further as outwardly. Vrat provides you firmness that might be useful in some ways. It's conjointly the way to please planets. If you would like to stay yourself to work and appease planets, you'll choose the fastings on specific days for a specific planet. If you would like to appease Venus, you should fast on Fridays. Except that you simply will fast on Ashtami for god Durga or on weekday for the Vaibhav Lakshmi ji Vrat.

Make your Shukra Planet strong.

As per the vedic astrology, Daan (donation) is that the best thanks to get eliminate malign effects of the planet. Also, it provides you an opportunity to try to some sensible and pious acts to get rid of your sins. It ought to be finished full religion and devotion and with none expectation reciprocally. Daan should tend to a Supatra (a good and appropriate person). In the vedic astrology, the planets that are the good for you, you ought to provide them power; and also the planets that are providing you with suffering, you ought to perform donation for that specific planet, therefore results are weak.

Mantras have nice significance in the vedic astrology since history. each mantra creates specific vibration and energizes someone with the powerful energy of the immortal associated with that specific planet. intonation of Shukra Mantra could be a excellent and simple thanks to appease your planets, however; an accurate pronunciation should be done. except that to succeed in final state, you ought to chant the mantra in an exceedingly given variety.