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  • Hello guys, I am Manvi Kakkar, a bold and beautiful Mumbai escorts, in the middle of my prime. Soon after completing my college, I willingly joined this profession. Sex is a touchy, intimate subject even in modern society. Sex is also unique to each individual. I feel no shame in my profession as I am an open minded girl but still I tell people about my profession with extreme caution. I keep it among intimate clients and friends only. All things said and done, this is an aspect of the society that many people can never understand or accept. I offer my services for companionship or sex. My profile is available on Mumbai Escorts Service, which lets the men come to me. My clients view my profile, description and images and then decide to hire me. They are attracted towards my immense beauty and sex appeal. I understand that my clients engage me for their fulfilment and I make every possible effort to satisfy their sexual cravings albeit with no emotional acknowledgement. Many of things,